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Experts in Visual Analytics, Financial Planning, and Business Inteligence.

Banks, Industrial, Commercial & Data Multidimension Apps

Web Reporting & Collaboration with the Quantrix Qloud "Always On" Pivoting.

High Performance Data Navigation, Analysis and Visualization.

DataLink and DataNav allows organizations to integrate models with data sources.

New Quantrix version 23.1 with new features with summarize for quick aggregation and single sign on.
PINTURAS POPULAR success story of budgeting model with sales production and payroll displays.
Please join us for Quantrix Introductory Web Conference "hands on", pick your date and time. For more info
Essla / Quantrix scenario manager really unlocking value 
UNICON profitability & cost model with a whole new set of features.
ESSLA newest value creation model for neobank acquisition, simulation, and growth strategies
APP Models for windshield action plus insurance financial analysis.
IMPLOSA new engagement for budgeting and financial planning models in Ciudad de Panama

New! Quantrix in 60 seconds

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