With the arrival of the Cloud Computing many things are about to change. The Cloud represents the use of public and private web as a tool for joint services, business solutions, storage, platforms and infrastructure, to some extent replaces the use of software licenses.

This transformation is producing substantial changes in the information technology sector. Almost all large, mid, and small companies are beginning to feel the change from the cloud evolution.

Inside the cloud there are many participants, the internal solution supporting cloud are partners locally and internationally, since the concept of territory is eliminated. Simply there are no limits to economies in costs, resources and innovations, as the cloud expands into every element of the value chain on the web.

Among the benefits:

  • Reducing investment in capex and opex
  • Simplifies management software
  • Accelerate deployment
  • Reduce information management risks
  • Allows focus on the strengths of each company
  • Increases revenue
  • Enables continuous process improvement
  • Convert fixed into variable cost
  • Improved service levels

There are many other benefits that can contribute to our immediate future, every day is closer to the "cloud" ready to be discover new ways and means to better performance.

In the case of Essla, we are currently tailoring solutions through the Qloud® the web reporting service that complements Quantrix's business modeling and analytics software.  The Qloud® lets business and finance professionals:

  • Publish Multidimensional Quantrix Models to the Web
  • Send Email Invitations to Colleagues and Clients to Securely View and Interact with Models
  • Control which Matrices are made Available to Viewers
  • Make Models Available for Viewing by the General Public
  • Provides 'Always on' Pivoting for Slicing, Dicing, and Filtering Data

The Qloud® eliminates the need to install viewer software on the desktop.  It facilitates the sharing and reporting of business-critical information to colleagues, clients or the general public.
Every company today has to be aware in which many ways the Cloud can enhance its business model or help achieve high levels of innovation, as a total new experience and a landmark of opportunities to evolve from current status.
Winners in the new competitive landscape will be those businesses that adopt Cloud solutions to fundamentally change their business models, not simply to improve the efficiency of IT. Although there are significant benefits to be had in that more limited context, “better, faster, cheaper” are only table stakes. Enterprise buyers do assume they will realize these benefits. However, buyers also know that the Cloud spans and unites geographies, supports mobile access from portable devices, enables collaboration, builds communities, and plays host to a myriad of solutions on demand.